Fraga Oil Ghana.

Energy For The Nation.

At Fraga Oil, we continually strive to be the best oil company. This is a goal we aim to achieve all over the globe and not only in Ghana. Qualified personnel who will help push us towards our goals are welcomed and encouraged. We are equiped with well experienced and motivated individuals to make Fraga Oil stand out as the number one indigenous Oil company.

Who We Are

FragaOil (Fraga) one of the leading indigenous Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana was incorporated in 1993 with Mr Francis Albert Seth Nyonyo as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The company which started as a dealer in the distribution of petroleum products with only a limited number of filling stations has transformed over the years in its business activities and organizational structure.

The company's main business is the supply, marketing and sales of petroleum products including high/low grade Lubricants to the various companies in the industrial sector, mining, construction, manufacturing and telecommunication industries at the retail levels.

Currently, the company has fifty nine (59) petroleum filling stations across Ghana. As part of its expansion drive, 21 state of the art filling station are being built in the country.

Fraga is represented in all the ten (10) regions of Ghana by Territorial divisions that receive petroleum products for distribution and sale at both retail and commercial level in the respective regions


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