There are options in offering a Property for Lease:

  • Land Only
  • Land with Fraga Standard Service Station built.

What are the criteria that Fraga Oil looks for in a property to be feasible for a service station?

  • MOU with FRAGA that a site is feasible for a Service Station
  • Layout of the Station approved by FRAGA’s engineering and Retail Developer
  • Tentative Construction Plan
  • Periodic vetting by Fraga Oil Engineers on construction as per FRAGA Standards and norms.

What is required to build a service station according to FRAGA standards and lease to FRAGA?

  • ALL requirements from NPA, EPA, GNFS, etc must be met
  • Classified as Commercial or Industrial Titled property and has no informal settlers
  • With no court case or caveat
  • No informal settler

What is the condition of the Lease Contract?

The Lease Contract will have a minimum period of 10 (10) years. The contract will be registered and annotated in the Transfer Certificate of Title with the Local Register of Deeds.

How much do I need to invest?

You need to invest an average of GH¢300,000.00 to construct the service station following FRAGA’s standards. This amount may vary depending on the size and location of the service station.

What will a Developer and Fraga be responsible for?

The delineation of responsibilities is as follows:


1. Site Preparation
2. Driveway
3. Office Building
4. Perimeter Wall
5. Painting of the Service Station
5. Underground Tanks and piping including installation
6.Working Drawings (Signed & Sealed)
7. Local Permits


1. Dispensers including installation
2. Air/Water Station (Service Area)
3. Air Compressor & Tire Inflator
4. Forecourt Operating Items
5. Signages & Branding
6. Shop Fittings

How long does it take to build the service station?

From the time that all the required government permits from the Local and national government have been secured, the construction period is on the average four (4) months. This varies depending on the size and facilities to be installed.

You may send a letter offer addressed to:

    The Executive Chairman
    Fraga Oil (Ghana) Ltd
    Former U.S. Embassy Building
    Near Danquah Circle

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